From able-bodied athlete in 2014 to a parasport champion in Rio, Kadeena Cox secured her place in Paralympian history by becoming the first to secure gold in two contrasting sports at the same games.

In 2014 the Leeds sprinter had the world at her feet until a stroke – the first symptom of what was later diagnosed as multiple sclerosis (MS) - almost ended her athletic ambitions.

But in 2016, the independently mobile Kadeena aimed and secured a podium finish in the T37 100-metre sprint title and the C2 500 metre time trail at Rio’s Velodrome.

Because of the testing nature of her condition, Kadeena needed to rest in between these endurance challenge, which is where Carbon Black was able to come to her aid and assist in her record-breaking success.

At that point the manufacturers appointed Kadeena as an ‘ambassador’ for Carbon Black because her own story aligns with the brand’s own position as a strong and enduring technology that is changing perceptions of wheelchairs and their users.

Kadeena, who was a finalist in BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year 2016, said: "I had resisted wheelchair use so far, but I am now at a stage where I recognise that I need to use a chair in between training because of the pressure my body is now under due to training and competing. I approached Carbon Black because it is not like anything else on the market. It is British engineering at its finest and designed for people like me – able-users who are and want to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible."