Is carbon fibre strong?

It is incredibly strong, it doesn’t deform or bend like a metal tube – they use carbon in medical machines, F1 race cars and for aircraft wings.

Is carbon waterproof?

Yes, carbon fibre is water proof  - when cured properly and sealed. They make sea kayaks out of carbon. That doesn’t mean you should go swimming in your chair though!

Are the chairs comfortable, I'm used to a big bucket on my current chair?

The CB chairs offer a much more natural seating position, using the best materials and technology the chair has been designed to make you look and feel much more like a person than a patient. This means you sit more upright, giving you a much better posture.

Why is carbon so expensive?

The material is relatively cheap in comparison to metals. It’s the people that make it and the time involved that make up the cost. Unlike an automated production line for metal chairs, carbon needs engineers and people to move it and to change its form and finish.

Can my chair be repaired?

Almost anything can be repaired, whether it should is really the question. We can usually inspect a chair via images and make a decision whether to send it to a repairer – or if the damage is beyond the point of saving, a replacement part or chair could be supplied. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues.

I've seen lighter chairs, why isn’t yours the lightest?

Lighter doesn’t mean better. We could make the chair incredibly light – 2 -3kg’s but, it's not going to last or be reliable. We have made the chair to perform and last, by adding additional layers and reinforcing weak areas we have added weight but made the chair comfortable and durable. Our carbon doesn’t shatter, it moves and absorbs bumps and jolts – making for a cool, comfortable ride.

I don’t like black. What can I have instead?

Within reason, anything you want. The chair can be painted, if we can source the same colour as you want. Tyres can be changed to blue, orange, red or black. Castors can be green, blue, red, gold, orange, chrome or black. Try us, we like a challenge and love the fact that we aren’t limiting your creativity.

Do I need a demo?

No. If you know what you want, fill the order form out and place the order. There are instructions to download or videos to watch to help you size yourself if you need them. If you need more help then email [email protected].

Why is it called CBII?

Well, we spent so much time designing and creating the best wheelchair out there – it seemed best to use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) for the name. It's easy to remember and means we spend more time refining than dreaming up names. If anyone has any suggestions for the new chair, other than CBII then please let us know.

Should I insure my chair?

We would always recommend that the chairs are insured, especially if you travel anywhere. If you need help finding a provider than contact us and we can help.