What is your support email address?

[email protected]

We have a dedicated support email, also by contacting us on the relevant country phone number and selecting the support option.


We have a global network of approved dealers and authorised repairers. These details can be found on the website or by contacting us via email.


Our user manual and quick start guide can be found on our website and downloaded for use.

My chair has a fault, what do I do?

Check the user manual for the troubleshooting section, if you cant easily find the fault and fix it yourself following the instructions then please contact [email protected]

I have a matt finish chair and its lost its shine, what can I do?

We advise that to keep the carbon looking its best, you can apply a small amount of WD40 or a similar type oil to a cloth and wipe over the surface of the chair. Allow a couple of minutes for it to soak into the material and then buff off with a clean cloth. The finish will look amazing and the smile will return to your face.

Ive got a flat tyre, what can I do?

Do you have a puncture? Have you tried the tyre sealant that’s available from our webshop, online or from cycle shops? If it hasn’t fixed the problem then you can buy a new tyre from the fore mentioned places and replace yourself or you can take to any cycle shop and have a replacement fitted.